I was initially inspired to become a doula after the birth of my fifth child at home.  The time and attention I received from my midwife was infinitely superior to anything I experienced before.  She made me feel like it was all about me, my baby, and my family.  What impressed me the most was the way she made sure I was educated and informed about my choices.  I thought to myself, I need to get in on this whole birth worker gig!  She recommended that I become a doula so I can see what it’s like to be on-call and work all kinds of crazy hours, and now here I am! 

I have been a birth and postpartum doula since 2011, and a Lamaze certified childbirth educator since 2014.  I teach the childbirth, newborn care, and mommy bootcamp classes at Denver Health, as well as for individuals who prefer to have their own private classes.  I was also a homebirth midwife’s apprentice for a while before I decided I would rather be able to practice as a nurse midwife in a home, birth center, or hospital setting.  I absolutely LOVE all things related to birth and babies.  I’m finishing my RN/BSN program in May of 2017, and I’m hoping to start working as a nurse in labor and delivery, postpartum recovery, or the NICU for a few years before I go back for the master’s degree in midwifery.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to continue to serve families as a doula while I go to school.  It wouldn’t be possible without the group of amazing women I work with here at Doulas in Denver.  I especially appreciate this group of professionals because we support all kinds of families without bias or prejudice.  We see each of our clients as unique, and we do everything we can to make each birth experience special for the families we work with.  





From a very young age, I’ve had a constant desire to help people, so much that I wanted to be a doctor up until about college. Even though I never made it to medical school, I have found my passion in supporting women and new families. I love helping those around me by encouraging their own power and lifting their confidence. I get pretty enthusiastic about meeting my clients where they are, with no judgement, and intently listening to their desires and needs.

I am extremely self-motivated, but I take great pride in my work and professional standard. It is also important to me to challenge myself and to also remember to chase after my dreams.

I am a teacher at heart, I have several instructor certifications and find a real joy in sharing my knowledge with others.

You will also find me constantly learning new things or expanding my current skills; I love taking classes and workshops, even if it’s just a composting class!

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my loved ones; I love to travel (my happy place is the beach), cook and host dinner parties, play dress up and go to the theater, and partake in many other hobbies.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to do this work every day and to run an agency that focuses on supporting new families and seeing the miracle of life over and over—it really is amazing! 



Even though my path to being a doula just started over a year ago, I have always felt comfortable helping families and especially those with new babies.

I have a strong heart which allows me to support continuously and connect emotionally with my clients. My hands are also strong and have become by best tool. My zest for this work-no matter what part, comes through my hands with love and intention. I am honored to be present during such an intimate and wonderful time of a woman’s life, and I am fulfilled by holding that space.

I am equally passionate about education (having been teaching high school for the last 3 years) and teaching new families about their choices, about their own strength and how to self-advocate. I am excited to be doing this work during such an innovative time with options and acceptance available.

At home, I live quietly with my husband, three teenagers, and our very energetic border collie. Cooking and baking bring me joy, and I have a deep love for exploring our great outdoors. 




Serving mothers and families as a doula is an amazing opportunity. What a dream to have found this work!

Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for helping families.  I have worked with kids in after school programs and I have worked extensively with ESL families.  I also taught algebra to junior high and high school students and found a great fulfillment to see them understand and succeed.

I have 6 grandchildren, and have been blessed with the privilege to be around them every day. My experience with new babies and new families reaches beyond my personal life, and I am enthusiastic about family I get to support.

I truly believe that every birth is a beautiful birth, each is unique and amazing. I love supporting women as they transition into motherhood no matter the birth experience they have chosen. 

My greatest asset I bring to the table is my compassion and I thrive on making a personal connection to each of my clients. I will listen and attune to their needs and desires and it brings me great joy to see my clients reach their goals with their own strength and confidence. I feel blessed to be a part of their story.