Family first-aid and CPR classes

“Survival rate and recovery times can be greatly improved if someone
immediately uses first aid knowledge and skills to assist the injured.”

This course will prepare your family for any type of emergency involving infants, children, adults and elderly. The course can be tailored to best fit your family’s needs and there is an opportunity to receive an certification car if you wish to complete the full course.

Topics: Basic First Aid, Adult CPR, Infant/Child CPR, Choking, Shock, Stroke, Hypothermia, Concussions, AED, and more.

Sarah is a certified CPR/First Aid instructor through the Red Cross and the American Heart Association. She has been teaching for almost 10 years and currently teaches regular Basic Life Support classes to healthcare providers. Sarah is also a certified nurse assistant and brings a healthcare background to the experience.

Childbirth Education Classes

This course provides the tools to help parents make responsible, informed decisions for their health, without judgment or bias. The information presented is based on current evidence-based practices, so the lessons are continually being updated. There is no single philosophy or “method” of childbirth that is taught because we believe each woman gives birth using her own intuitive wisdom. The lessons are presented to inspire confidence in birth and the body. Classes are designed for adult learners using fun, interactive activities.

Topics: Nutrition & Exercise, Relaxation Techniques/Comfort Measures, Medical Interventions, Family-centered Cesarean, Physiology of Labor & Birth, Breastfeeding/Formula, Newborn Care, Postpartum Recovery, and more.

Heather is a nursing student and certified childbirth educator. She has created and adapted her own Childbirth Education series using a background of several different methods and philosophies. Heather is currently teaching classes at Denver Health and offering private classes at the office in Lakewood. Classes can be tailored to specific needs, and can be offered in accelerated formats.