What is a Doula?

and a little bit about us...

We exist to help each client realize their best birth possible

This means different things to each client. Doulas in Denver endeavors to understand each new mom's hopes, expectations, dreams, goals and even fears.

The birth of your baby is such an important event in your life, and we help to make it special. From the moment we are hired, we help you prepare with education, personalized care and support of your decisions. We would love to help make your baby's birthday as luxurious and special as it can be!

Doulas in Denver is home to professional, insured, experienced doulas that are ready to assist you with compassion and encouragement. Each of our doulas is committed to high standards of professionalism and proud expand their knowledge and skill sets through additional trainings and continued education.

As an agency, Doulas in Denver serves the entire Denver Metro Area, expanding as far north as Fort Collins and to the south as far as Castle Rock. The agency model allows for round the clock support even to those who find themselves needing support in the moment; we always have someone on-call and ready to help. Our clients can rest assured they will be supported when needed. 

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.
— Laura Stavoe Harm