Childbirth Preparation Classes

Childbirth has traditionally been a simple and natural event for most families. It has also been an intense time of transformation as people grow up and journey from being a woman to a mother, a man to a father. 

This course provides the tools to help parents make responsible, informed decisions for their health, no matter what kind of birth you want to have. The information presented is based on current evidence-based practices, so the lessons are continually being updated. 

The class incorporates Lamaze, Hypnobirthing, and Birthing From Within principles.  We believe each woman gives birth using her own intuitive wisdom. She merely needs to have the tools to make her own choices. 

Expectant parents learn about how to nourish and care for themselves during pregnancy, what happens during labor physically and emotionally, birth, and what to expect during the postpartum period. We practice many relaxation techniques and comfort measures including specific exercises to use during pregnancy, as well as positions to use in labor.  It is truly a complete childbirth education class for the entire family.

Classes are taught by Heather Johnson, certified Lamaze instructor

CPR & Family First Aid

Adult and Infant CPR, AED and Basic First Aid classes include life-saving skills every person should have. Learn about common dangers in and around your home and how to respond to various injuries and ailments, how to perform CPR, and how to respond in any type of emergency. This course can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and there is the option to leave with a certification in CPR through the American Heart Association (Heartsaver). 

Classes are taught by Sarah Lind, CNA, certified CPR instructor (AHA)