Even though my path to being a doula just started over a year ago, I have always felt comfortable helping families and especially those with new babies.

I have a strong heart which allows me to support continuously and connect emotionally with my clients. My hands are also strong and have become by best tool. My zest for this work-no matter what part, comes through my hands with love and intention. I am honored to be present during such an intimate and wonderful time of a woman’s life, and I am fulfilled by holding that space.

I am equally passionate about education (having been teaching high school for the last 3 years) and teaching new families about their choices, about their own strength and how to self-advocate. I am excited to be doing this work during such an innovative time with options and acceptance available.

At home, I live quietly with my husband, three teenagers, and our very energetic border collie. Cooking and baking bring me joy, and I have a deep love for exploring our great outdoors.